The Ordinary Man

As we know nothing human is perfect, so was I who always have a myriad of flaws and imperfections. What I was proud of my family comes from the Good people, prosperous and automaticly Honorable ……
Only thing left is based on God in life. I descriptively can not appraising the nature of good – my bad, because other people who assess it, which I think is good not that good in the eyes of people and vice versa.

The point I have strong personality, talents and dreams ……
yesterday, today and tomorrow I have a hope of being successful in any kind especially in academic article,cause I want to make my parents cry happiness because I have been what they asked,,,
I know with work smart,believe n prayer will make it happen. may I’m in it

  1. lanjutkan

    • Son, a woman is like a beer. They smell good, they look good, youd step over your own mother just to get one! But you cant stop at one. You wanna drink anetohr woman!

    • In Ihrem Falle, liebe Frau Müller, war es wenigstens noch die Azubine, welche diese kleidsamen Flecken erschuf. Dies ist ja noch, wenn es die Ausnahme bleibt akzeptabel. Beim letzten Versuch, mir Blut abzuzapfen betätigte sich eine ausgewachsene Schwester. Nach ungefähr 7 Versuchen gab sie auf und holte den Stationsarzt. Peinlich das.

  2. Could you write about Phicsys so I can pass Science class?

  3. It appears to me that this web site doesnt download in a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the exact same problem? I enjoy this site and dont want to have to miss it when Im gone from my computer.

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